The 12:12 sales are up! If you're an online shopping freak like eveyone else, stay tune to find out what are the great deals available on 12:12! 


1. Baskin Robins














Baskin Robbins is having a 12:12 PROMOTION on all sundaes and beverages in store! If you're a die hard fan of Baskin Robbins, its a great time to try out their beverage instead of always getting the ice cream. Trust me, it taste amazing!


2. dahminum














You've heard it right! Dahmakan has recently launch their new venture, Dahminum! In celebration to it, they are offering you a FREE cup of dahminum with every meal purchase. What are you waiting for? It a whole series of local drink to cool down the hot whether. 


3. Domino's Pizza via Lazada













Domino's Pizza is having a collaboration with Lazada this 12:12 and they're giving an additional RM12 off when you purchase the Domino's Pizza combo. 


4. Amazin' Grace













If you've never tasted Amazin' Grace's granolas and nut butters, you're missing out some really good stuff. The granolas are so tasty that you can eat it with yogurt, milk or even on it's own and it's really amzing. As for nut butters, it's not easy getting cashew butter & almond butter in Malaysia, they sell pure nut butters at a reasonable price. This 12:12 - 13:12 they are offering up to 30% off with free shipping. 













If you're planning to travel within the next year, Klook is a great platform for you to plan your holiday from buying entrance tickets to renting a wifi modem. Klook is a one stop solution to plan your holiday. On 12:12, Klook is offering up to 22% off, and they will be offering Buy 1 Free 1 tickets for certain entrance tickets. Be sure to grab the best deals to save up for your next trip. 



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12:12 deals are up! Be ready to shop!

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