Road users! Are you travelling out of town this Christmas Season? We've got great news for you! PLUS Highways are offering discounts up to 33% on tolls for certain highways (full list at the bottom).

PLUS Highway Toll Rates 33% Off In Celebrating Christmas & New Year 2020The biggest book sale is back in town!

IKEA SALE extended until 31 Dec 2019

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New Year is around the corner! If you would like to revamp your housing interior, this is the best time to do so! IKEA is currently having their year end sale extended till 31st December 2019! Morever, if you're an IKEA FAMILY member you will be entitled to get an extra 10% off on home furnishing products on sale in-store! 

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The biggest book sale is back in town!

12:12 Deals are up! Be Ready to Shop!!!

Whether you read or don't have a reading habit , you must go to the biggest book sale in town! It is open for 24 hours, so you can enter whenever your time is flexible. 

The 12:12 sales are up! If you're an online shopping freak like eveyone else, stay tune to find out what are the great deals available on 12:12!