Although the 2019 hype was bubble tea, no doubt that there are still a lot of cafes in town. For a cafe hopper myself, I do enjoy having brunch on Saturday and Sunday morning catching up with family and friends. In which this has lead to enjoying the life of cafe hopping. The suggestions below are just some of me and my friends' favourite place to hang out and catch up over good food. 


1. Birch Cafe @ D.c. Mall












Birch Cafe is located in a new mall called the D.C. Mall (Damansara City Mall) @ Damansara Heights. They serve brilliant meals with a forest feel towards the cafe. It's a great place to have your meal and chill over coffee. On weekends, you will see families having their brunch at Birch. This mall has also plently of parkings, if you're the kind of person that hates looking for parking (like me), this would be the perfect place for you. 


2. New Chapter by Owl's Cafe













Started of on a second floor minimalised placed cafe, New Chapter  by Owl's Cafe has venture themselves into 2 other cafe since they started their business. New Chapter By Owl's Cafe at the Calvary Convention Centre has an explicit golf view where you can enjoy your meal while having a meal at the cafe. 

Their most popular dish is the Rebecca, its a butter waffle served with a fragant earl grey ice-cream and banana, stawberries and blueberries. It gets a little crowded during the weekends, be prepared to wait for your seats.


3. 103 Coffee Workshop













If you have not heard of 103 Coffee Workshop, you're definitely not in the coffee game. 103 Coffee Workshop is opened by the International Latte Art Champion, Irvine Quek. Irvine is a internations winner since 2018 to 2019, which brings our country proud. 103 Coffee Workshop serves fine coffee with fusion food, its a cross-over between Japanese and Malaysian food. 


4. Lucky Tora @ Bukit Bintang











Lucky Tora locates in the hearts of Kuala Lumpur, it has a back to nature ambience in the restaurant. The restaurant serves contemporary Japanese cuisine. 



5. Wizards at Tribeca KL











Wizards At Tribecca KL is located at Imbi in Tribecca Hotel KL. The Wizards starts from the team behind The Red Beanbag and Yellow Brick Road. Wizards serves brunches inspired from Melbourne and southeast asia coffee. Sitting in the Cafe enjoying brunch & breakfast meals that serves throughout the day, while admiring the Kuala Lumpur busy city view.








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Top 5 Cafes in Kuala Lumpur

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