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Got some ideas? Have questions? We're ready for them.

Top 5 Cafe in Kuala Lumpur (Part 2)

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1. Yellow Brick Road 












Yellow Brick Road locates at Damansara Heights with a great ambience. They serve breakfast all day round with a fusion twist towards it! The to go for food at Yellow Brick Road is Big Breakfast, they serve a large serving for the breakfast! Their specialty is called a I Wanna Be Kaya, which is two pieces of toasts served with poached pears and strawberries and side with kaya  sauce. 


2. Random Food Store




















Random Food Store is located at Damansara Uptown. You may heard it or seen it from Jane Chuck (Social Media Influencer), that's because she started this business with 2 other partners. Random Food Store, as their name serves its purpose, its serves a variety of random food inspired by the chef. 


3. Snitch By The Thieves, The Gardens Mall












Snatch By The Thieves is located in The Gardens Mall on the 3rd floor. This is the second cafe opened after Breakfast Thieves. They serve a range of breakfast throughout the day. They have a wide range of cake choices to enjoy a slice of cake with a cup of tea at the cafe.
















On the side note, there is a hidden bar which opens during the evening. If you're at the restaurant, look out for the kitchen door look alike and you'll find a bar! Open the kitchen door and you'll find a whole new world behind the door. There's a bar area, beer pong and karaoke rooms.


4. Merchant's Lane @ Petaling Street














Merchant Lane is a cafe located in Chinatown. Merchant Lane serves a unique range of dishes between a crossover between Malaysian cuisine & Western cuisine. Merchant Lane is located on the second floor of the shoplot with a hidden door. 


5. SoyLab @ Damansara Uptown













SoyLab serves everything and only soya drinks and soya desserts. If you're a soya freak like me, be sure to try the desserts serve at SoyLab. Soy based desserts has been a trend due to everyone being health concious. They have a wide range from Tau Foo Fah, Soya Bubble Tea, Soy based ice desserts and more.